Our exchange student candidate, Genevieve, is making progress toward her application commitments & started fundraising. Her “Exchange Bottles for Exchange Students” fundraiser is well underway.
Our RYLA conferee, Genevieve has expressed interest in Rotary's Youth Exchange program. While she works to petition for her candidacy and start the application process her fundraising efforts are underway. Rotary Outbound Exchange provides students between the ages of 16 and 18 the opportunity of a lifetime! Its a chance to spend 11 months in another country learning the language and culture. Each year, about 259 boys and girls apply through their local Rotary Club and district. Students generally apply in August and September to go on exchange the next year.
Outbound students and their parents are guided through months of orientation and information about the country of their exchange year. Outbound students typically stay with two or three Rotary-approved families and receive a monthly stipend for incidental expenses. Rotary Youth Exchange outbound students need to be above average students who are eager for the chance to try new things and meet new people.
Help Genevieve by participating in her “Exchange Bottles for Exchange Students” fundraiser by collecting and saving your returnable bottles and cans. Stay tuned here for drop locations.