What an amazing day of support for Camp Sundown! This fundraiser allowed us to send three children to this special camp. We couldnt have done this without you, THANK YOU!! To learn more about Camp Sundown please visit http://www.xps.org/campsundown.htm
Rotary Club of Southern Ulster partnered with Pat Tarsio Lanes for a day as we raised awareness and opportunity for Camp Sundown. What an amazing retreat!!

Here's a snap shot on Camp Sundown:

From the beginning, Dan and Caren Mahar also had the dream of creating a year-round "night camp" to offer sun sensitive children and their families a way to meet other folks sharing similar problems, creating similar solutions and to enjoy a "camp" experience like their peers - just on a different time clock . . . a dream come true! Camp Sundown began in 1996 as an XP family retreat in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 2003, thanks to many generous donors, we were able to open our own Camp Sundown Retreat House in Craryville, NY. Camp Sundown is the single most important project of the XP Society which directly benefits and involves the XP family and patients. This unique to the world night camp program gathers families and scientists from around the globe to share support, recreation, information and friendship under the safety of the stars. An XP family retreat and medical conference combined helps the XP family feel less isolated in their situation, providing useful support and education to live our daily lives with XP.