We are excited to share a heartwarming story of community spirit and Rotary pride! This past weekend, we had the pleasure of witnessing the festive magic...

Terry, along with the support of Al and Sue, brought to Gardiner's Tree Lighting Parade.

Terry, a dedicated member of our Rotary Club, went above and beyond by constructing a dazzling float that not only showcased our club's emblem but also sparkled with festive lights. The float became a beacon of Rotary enthusiasm, capturing the attention of onlookers and spreading joy throughout the community.

What makes Terry's contribution even more special is the meaningful message behind the float. Adorned with lights and Rotary symbolism, the float highlighted our commitment to the Exchange Bottles for Exchange Students program. This initiative plays a crucial role in supporting efforts like Genevieve's, who tirelessly works to raise funding and awareness for outbound students in our community. The float served as a shining reminder of the positive impact Rotary has on the lives of these young individuals, fostering cultural exchange and global understanding.

In addition to Terry's creative prowess, we've received commendations on his excellent and considerate driving skills during the parade. Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all spectators, Terry truly embodies the Rotary spirit of service above self.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Terry, Al, and Sue for their invaluable support at Gardiner's Tree Lighting Parade. Your dedication and creativity have not only brightened the holiday season but have also amplified the positive presence of the Southern Ulster Rotary Club in our community.

Let's join together in expressing our gratitude to Terry for making the parade a memorable and meaningful event for us all!

Thank you, Terry! Your commitment to Rotary ideals shines as bright as the lights on your fantastic float.